ARender Case Studies

Because ARender offers a multitude of functionalities, we have decided to highlight three popular functions in the fields of insurance, finance and industry.

    • Contracts processes involve many contributors, creating device, bandwidth and multi-sites issues.

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  • 1Within the same project, the contributors are numerous. The person in charge of centralizing requests has to be very rigorous in order to consolidate the information and redistribute it to the persons concerned.
  • 2Functional approach: In this annotation flow, ARender has to be able to centralize the information in a simple and effective way and to validate them or not if necessary.
  • 3Technical Response: The Annotation Features.
  • 4Added value: Enhance Contracts Quality; no duplication or loss.
    • Employees spend more than 7 hours a week looking for documents.
      AIM - Information and managment Association

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  • 1The Insurance sector has to deal with a large number of documents, resulting in a significant loss of time searching and reading these files.
  • 2Functional approach: The entire Client Folder, in a Single Interface.
  • 3Technical Response: Multi-document functionalities.
  • 4Added value: Efficient pro-active Streaming, Organizational Flexibility, Open large Documents instantly, ...
    • The paper documents are sent to a dematerialization service in order to be digitized and sent to the recipients concerned.

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Document Builder

  • 1Documents go through a dematerialization process before being checked and sent in digital format. If anything goes wrong, it has to be processed again. It can become a real waste of time.
  • 2Functional approach: Splitting and Merging are the key features to Enhance your Business Process.
  • 3Technical Response: The Document Builder features.
  • 4Added value: Fast processing time, Modification of a document, Enhance your Document Repository.