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Discover ARender, a fully web document viewer, allowing you to visualize, comment and protect all types of documents in your ECM solution.

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ARender: Fast, Simple & Intelligent Content Viewing

Our 20 years of experience in the ECM world has brought us the power to understand the great stakes of companies as regards to their use of Document Management System Solutions. Using ARender as your default ECM solution content Viewer will enhance and speed up your document process.

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Bank & Insurance

LifeScience & Health

Energy & Utilities

Governments & Public

The key benefits of ARender

Federated Viewing Experience

Enhanced Security

Return on Investment

Fastened Process & Content Access

User eXperience

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Awesome & Unique Document Viewer

We are passionate digital agency that specializes in beautiful and asy-to-use digital & web development services.







What is ARender ?


ARender uses simple but efficient technology. It’s a HTML5 Full Web Software developed using Java which doesn’t require any desktop installation. Adapting ARender to your computing needs is one of our top concerns, that’s why we made it fully scalable. The power of ARender also resides in handling very heterogeneous environments, allowing you to gather your resources from various solutions in a unique access point. Finally, what makes ARender so efficient is the Viewing speed: We are able to make you access your information in milliseconds, no matter the type or size of content.

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100% web
Streaming Centric Technology
Fast rendition/ conversion
Content Redaction
Split&Merge any document
Document Comparison


From the very origin of ARender, we decided that all the features provided would serve the customer and wouldn’t clutter up his work. The result of this leitmotiv are customer oriented features adapted to lines of business’ needs. The features have been designed to seamlessly integrate with your ECM solutions enhancing your WorkFlows and Process. Bottomline, we wanted to make users work easier and faster to increase their productivity.

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