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ARender: Fast, simple & smart content viewing

20 years’ experience in ECM means we understand how companies use Document Management System Solutions. As your default ECM solution Content Viewer, ARender both improves and speeds up your document process.

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What is ARender?


ARender uses simple but efficient technology: HTML5. The software was developed using Java and is entirely web-based, meaning you don’t need to install anything on your desktop. Being able to adapt ARender to your computing needs is one of our top priorities — which is why we made it fully scalable. One of ARender’s key advantages is its ability to handle mixed environments, allowing you to gather resources from various solutions in one unique access point. And lastly, what makes ARender so efficient is the display speed it offers: you can access your information in milliseconds, no matter the type or size of the content.

100% web-based
Streaming-centric Technology
Fast rendition/ conversion
Content Redaction
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Right from the start, we decided that ARender would only have features the customer needs, instead of cluttering up their workspace. Our mantra has produced customer-oriented features adapted to your business needs. All features have been designed to seamlessly integrate with your ECM solutions, improving both your workflows and processes. The key point is that we want to make work easier and faster for users to help increase their productivity.

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