ARender helps organizations reduce the time it takes to open documents, optimize IT bandwidth and download consumption with intelligent, high-speed document viewing.

Performance and Productivity

Level up your efficiency with intelligent, high-speed document viewing

Knowledge workers lose valuable time waiting for documents to download and flipping between ECM systems to access, share, and collaborate on content. ARender’s high-speed document viewer technology provides centralized access to files stored in multiple business and ECM systems. Using streaming technology, ARender significantly reduces the time spent opening documents, and helps organizations save millions of dollars a year in IT operations.

What are the benefits?

Enhance User Performance and Productivity

ARender provides lightning-fast access to files stored in ECM systems using innovative streaming technology — significantly reducing the time spent opening even the largest documents. Once the document is open, users can securely view, annotate, and share any type of file format from any system.

Streamline IT Costs

ARender’s uses streaming technology to display any size file in milliseconds, using a fraction of the bandwidth and data download compared to traditional viewers. The solution only needs a web browser, reducing hardware requirements, eliminating the need for costly desktop software, and significantly dropping overall IT costs.

Achieve Business Agility

Organizations can increase profitability and maximize their ECM investments by standardizing access to information stored in their different business systems. ARender provides a single view on all business and ECM systems — eliminating document access barriers, allowing simple, secure sharing of information, and enabling fast internal and external collaboration.

What are the key features?

High-speed content display

ARender securely displays documents in less than 250 milliseconds from any device thanks to its powerful rendition engine. The server analyzes the document, extracts the data, and renders the information as an image using intelligent streaming technology.

Intelligent Streaming

Document streaming technology ensures that content is displayed quickly, and removes the need to download content, or open documents in their native application.

Centralized ECM

ARender connects with numerous ECM and CRM solutions, so users can stream any type of files from a single interface, without changing applications. Client plugins allow users to securely browse and access shared repositories.

Performance Monitoring

Using performance monitoring on metrics like traffic volume, latency and data loss for all of your business applications, ARender can detect any network performance issues before they impact your processes. Stay proactive by continuously monitoring applications, and set alerts for metrics like connectivity, available bandwidth, or packet loss so you can stay ahead of potential problems.

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