User Interface integration

ARender seamlessly integrates to all existing FileNet user interfaces: IBM Workplace XT, IBM Content Navigator (ICN), IBM Case Manager (ICM). Easily enhance your existing FileNet repository with the ARender viewing experience by simply deploying our ARender plugins to these FileNet User interfaces !


Outstanding features

Beyond simple document viewing, ARender 4 FileNet brings multiple key features - The largest set of document formats supported

  • Efficient content streaming: large documents open really fast because they are streamed, between FileNet and ARender and between ARender and the user’s browser
  • Full annotation support for all FileNet (XML and/or TXT) and XFDF annotation formats
  • Multiple document viewing, folder viewing, recursive folder viewing : select multiple documents, select folders, and display all their contents directly within ARender, regardless of the number of documents open. Streaming does the job !
  • Compare documents, compare versions : select two different documents, or two different versions of the same document, and let ARender display both contents and highlight differences
  • DocumentBuilder : create new document contents from existing documents by splitting and merging pages, insert the resulting contents as new documents or new versions back in the FileNet repository


Technicaly speaking

ARender relies upon the IBM FileNet Java API (Jace) to communicate with the FileNet repository. Selecting the underlying protocol (HTTP/HTTPS, IIOP, Cobra ..) is then a matter of configuration within ARender, in line with the capabilities and settings of the application server actually hosting FileNet Content Engine (CE).

When it comes to user authentication and authorization, ARender completely relies upon FileNet to check user credentials for document viewing, annotation management and new content publication. As such, ARender deployments generally reuse existing FileNet authentication and share user identity.

ARender also supports single-account pre-authentication (generally an elevated account), thus not requiring any user authentication at ARender side, when specific integrations handle authorization and auditing outside of standard FileNet practices.

Check out more technical information on the Filenet documentation dedicated page.


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