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This national banking group needed a solution that could automatically distribute and index documents based on the company’s different divisions.

National banking group digitizing invoice process for several agencies

What the company needed

Users at this company used to receive physical, paper mail. The logistics of transferring, receiving, and validating all of these physical documents across the country between 250 agencies led to astronomical costs. The company therefore needed an urgent solution to distribute mail sent by customers in a uniform and digital manner. The company has several different business units to meet different customer needs. As such, one of their main requirements was a solution that could automatically distribute and index documents based on the company’s different divisions. They also needed the ability to track mail and monitor business unit activity.

ARender comes into play

For this project, Arender called upon one of its long-standing partners: IBM. Their FileNet P8 Content Manager solution was used to handle the company’s incoming and outgoing mail across its various business lines. This solution was paired with another document management solution — FlowerDocs — because, although the IBM solution is very powerful, its interface is rather cumbersome and often presents a significant hurdle to rapid user adoption.

FlowerDocs, by contrast, offers a flexible and easy-to-use interface. That’s ideal for smaller solutions, but also great for larger ones when paired appropriately. And lastly, as with any electronic document management solution, the company needed to be able to visualize content. ARender served as a reference tool for this project because it allows users to check and refer to documents almost instantly. What’s more, the advanced functionalities offered by our product helped improve user collaboration, thanks in particular to its document annotation features.

End result

This project allowed the company to reduce its response times to customer requests and check the status of any file in real time. Implementing these different solutions allowed the 250 agencies up and down the country to make real inroads towards standardizing their processes, and consequently reduce logistical and other organizational costs. Bandwidth savings in all the agencies have also allowed them to operate more smoothly.

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