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ARender teamed up with SILPC to provide a Content Solution for 14,000 users at Hôpitaux de Marseille.

ARender teams up with SILPC to provide a Content Solution for 14,000 users at Hôpitaux de Marseilles (Marseille Public University Hospital System).

SILPC was created by and for hospital workers more than 30 years ago. It operates from two sites (Limoges and Poitiers) and supports 135 expert staff members throughout France, including French overseas departments and territories. In the spirit of public service, the cooperative association works to ensure that information systems function as high-performance, innovative tools for healthcare professionals, by developing a catalogue of services available to hospitals, nursing homes, the medico-social and social sectors and regional digital healthcare workspaces. Their mission is to support institutions in developing their information systems, promote the sharing of resources and skills, integrate applications and act as a link to software publishers. What’s more, they also offer efficient solutions, support institutions in any changes, assist regional and territorial organizations, host and secure health data and lastly provide application support.

What the association needed

SILPC provides the Dem@’TIC health portal to hospitals and other healthcare institutions. The platform offers several services, including Dematerialization (Ephesoft), Electronic Document Management (Alfresco) and Content Viewing (ARender). SILPC’s main issue centered around how slow it was at displaying documents. Some documents took as much as several minutes to open. In addition, not all document formats could be read and viewed from their application portal. Users had to download the documents to their workstations. On a more general note, document processes were also hampered by difficulties in accessing information.

ARender comes into play

Thanks to ARender, the CSP now allows documents to be opened at any stage of the validation cycle with different collaborative options (most notably annotation) depending on the rights assigned to each user category. Although Alfresco already includes a standard viewer, ARender offers more advanced capabilities recognized by the international DMS market.

ARender supports all formats (Pdf, Office, Zip, mail, tiff, images, video, etc.) and allows you to manipulate PDFs (cutting, restructuring), add rights and annotations, and work jointly on the same document in real-time. It’s even possible to compare different versions of the same document and hide certain parts if necessary (e.g. sensitive data).

Project roll-out

Thanks to our experience as an CSP integrator, ARender’s PS teams took charge of integrating Alfresco into the Dem@’TIC Santé platform. They then also ensured the successful implementation of ARender with all of this being achieved within just 10 working days.

Our primary concern is making our partners autonomous as quickly as possible — but doing so in a way that ensures sustainable autonomy. That’s why our teams transferred all the necessary skills to SILPC’s teams so that they can maintain the solution going forward.

This document solution was implemented for the Hôpitaux de Marseilles after an invitation to tender was issued by the hospital group. The final solution with ARender as a major component was deployed for a total of 14,000 users.

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