3. Backup / Restore

3.1. Rendition server

Backing up a rendition server is just the simple copie of the installation folder. This can be done while the server running as well as when it’s shutdown.

To save space the tmp folder can be overlooked. The tmp folder is storing open documents when the server is running.

Restoring a rendition server is done in two steps :

  • Installation restoration : Copy the backed-up folder.
  • service restoration : Copying the file doesn’t change the service created on the operating system.

To restore, execute the following script :

  • Windows

  • Linux

    bin/ARenderServer.sh install

If the service has already been installed, you need to delete it :

  • Windows

  • Linux

    bin/ARenderServer.sh remove

3.2. Presentation server

To back-up a presentation server you need :

  • The deployed web application (WAR or EAR)
  • Application server’s configuration (if not default)
  • Various elements (configuration files, librairies…) remote (if any)

Restoring a presentation server require the web application to be deployed, configuration files and remote elements.