Software requirement

Category Pre-requisite
Runtime Java JRE 1.8 64 bits Minimum, JDK advised, JDK also allow the use of remote administrative tools : jconsole and jvisualvm. JRE OpenJDK and Oracle are desirable, JRE IBM J9 is unsupported. Java version 11 and up supported from ARender 4.0.3
LibreOffice LibreOffice 5 and up is advised. Warning: LibreOffice 5 on RHEL/CentOS (6) requires Libreoffice 6 and up requires ARender 3.1.9 and up
ImageMagick ImageMagick 7 or higher (under Windows, validate that the binary named convert.exe is existing, if not, link it from magick.exe)
WKHtmlToPdf (Mail or HTML) wkhtmltopdf 0.12.5 or higher
FFpeg (Videos) FFmpeg 2.8.15 or higher

If the JVM used is not 64 bits, the rendition will now stop its boot and warn in the logs/console that the version of the JVM used is incorrect.