Integrate the ARender rendition engine into your solution to help speed up your work

Integrate ARender as a rendition module

ARender Rendition as a Service gives you the JSON REST API and allows you to convert documents from 300+ formats. This is often perfect for customers looking to integrate ARender as a rendition module into their existing service.

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Improve your solution with our unique ARender rendition engine

Modern information systems and the sheer variety of document formats produced daily have made it extremely difficult for companies to grant their employees easy access to information. The huge diversity of environments and formats often leads to problems in distributing and displaying documents for users.

One of the easiest solutions for organizations looking to increase profitability in their lines of business is to standardize all of their information so that they have as few document formats as possible.

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How does the rendition process work?

One of the services Arondor offers on its SaaS platform is the Rendition Engine as a Service. In simple terms, this is a conversion service to PDF, MP4 or MP3 as well as a thumbnail creation Service.

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Why do you need it?

This engine helps you work more efficiently by converting large amounts of documents simultaneously in just a few seconds. The ARender rendition engine is a powerful tool that allows you to convert more than 300 document formats into PDF.

Embedding this rendition engine into your solution means you can also create thumbnails, convert any video to MP4 or any audio file to MP3 format.

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Thumbnail creation service

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Ready to level-up your efficiency?

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Using Alfresco?

We have a specific rendition engine designed to work with your Alfresco environment.

ARender has been an Alfresco technology partner since 2015 and an OEM partner since 2020. Enjoy our document viewing expertise in your Alfresco interface. We provide perfect product integration thanks to our experience integrating with and working on Alfresco environments.

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