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Why switch to SaaS?

When migrating business-critical applications, it’s vital you make all the necessary preparations ahead of time and maintain total control over the entire process. More and more business applications are heading to the cloud, providing user and IT teams with a new model for accessing services and resources.

Switching from traditional apps is a big change —both for users and their IT support teams — but SaaS is quickly growing in popularity.

So, how does this look in practice?

As with everything in the Cloud, there’s an element of the unknown. But with the right tools in place, moving an app (even challenging business-critical apps) to the cloud doesn’t have to be a shot in the dark . Here’s what we think is essential to consider when migrating to SaaS:

Security with SaaS solutions

Security is a top priority for SaaS vendors and has been one of the main roadblocks hindering SaaS adoption — despite its evolution over time. After all, what company is willing to place business-critical data in an insecure environment?

ARender responds to this challenge in three distinct ways, detailed below.

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